Tom Hopkins

Tom has been up Grammy Award consideration as Songwriter, Arranger and Producer for many artists. He’s a brother from a different mother. My better looking bro. I love making music with him.

Producer-Composer-Artist Tom Hopkins is one of those amazing artists who’s music has impacted so many people. It has been said of Tom “You may not be familiar with his name, but this man has been involved in nearly every aspect of your life without you even knowing it.” I’m proud to feature him here and look forward to sharing our on-going projects with you. Currently Tom is up for 57th Grammy Award consideration as Songwriter, Arranger and Producer for both Tehrah and Wendy Recently, Tom was up for nomination for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist and Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for the 56th Grammy’s. See more of our amazing evening at the Grammy Nomination Concert HERE


Tom’s Mix

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Kevin’s Role: Technical & Creative Adviser, Mastering Engineer, Business Development