About Me


Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented artists; walking the road I share with each of them; passing the same advice given to me early on…’passion, faith and persistence…’. It shows in the music and connects with everyone that sees and hears you. It’s why music finds it’s way into everyone’s life.

“I know when an artist begins to work with me, it’s my job to push them toward greatness, …to get something out of them they didn’t know was there.”… “What’s most amazing to me is that all our artists have formed a family together; we encourage and lend talent for each others success. Never a job and always a surprising joy.”

This philosophy has shaped the way Kevin has approached everything in his more than three decades as a music producer, composer, arranger, and recording artist. To get a taste of how that benefits you, see how it’s working for some of his clients in Featured Artists.

So why am I here? For you. If you’re ready to shape your sound, sharpen your business, take your music serious and “Rise Above the Noise”….I’m ready to listen.

Let’s Begin…Colossians 3:16




2016         SPACECRUMBS


2014          CRIMINAL ROBOTS


2013          SHADOWS


2012          MOMENT


2011          CROMA VICE


2011          TIMELESS


Kevin Stratton’s unique abilities have given him a reputation for creating a definitive sound that allows artists and productions to stand apart. His commitment for developing sound and arrangements that are unique and innovative has made him a sought-after producer and composer in today’s music.

This passion has driven him through four Grammy-winning albums developing the unique sounds for such artists as ChicagoTotoStevie WonderThomas Dolby, Van Halen and many others. Recently, Kevin has written and produced music for HBO Productions, played on numerous tracks for Guitar Hero and Rock Revolution and is currently working on three symphonies and is currently engaged with a number of national symphony orchestras for scoring and film work.

His work with mobile entertainment productions and his background in 3D animation has also afforded him work as a producer with such clients as; PixarElectronic Arts (EA) and Disney. Kevin began his film and television work on a number of film projects with Frank Serafine of Serafine FX (Santa Monica, CA.) including the development and design for the movie soundtrack of the motion picture “Nightfall” ( based on the novel by Isaac Asimov ) and sound design on films such as “Short Circuit II” and “Star Trek IV The Voyage Home” in which he received screen and production credits.. Today, Kevin is active in numerous TV, Film and Special Media projects.

Kevin is a published author for a number of trade magazines and technical writings. Including; Audio Engineering Society, Electronic Musician and Keyboard Magazine.

Kevin studied sound synthesis and acoustic physics under the tutelage of Stanford University’s Dr. John Chowning and others, at the University of Chicago, and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Berkeley School of Music in Boston. Mr. Stratton was also honored to teach music composition and sound design at the Aspen Music Festival.

Kevin’s work also supports Charities including The Cancer Society, The Grammy Foundation and Music Cares Foundation.

Building off of his work over the past three decades, Kevin has brought his skills to fruition through artist management, numerous successful albums, hit singles, sound design, as well as music supervision and placement in TV and film.

In the end…those he works with say more than anything else…